Sunday, October 19, 2008

up and down and down and down

Red has always my favourite color. Today that's not such a happening colour. It's basically looking like the bottom's falling out of the market. As you can imagine red certainly is the color of the day.... as it was yesterday and the day before.....
Now to all intents and purposes red is the color of passion, love, success (red ferraris), the color of 'HOT' (witness Lady in Red).... so.... who was the schmuck that came up with the bright idea of red being the color of falling prices.... the color of bad news.... the color of "What the heck happened to all my investments?"... "Where's my money???" "not really the iconic "Show me da money!" but more of I saw, I invested, I lost it all.
I'd say right now that Red is perhaps one of the most misunderstood colours going. Like Pigs. Pigs don't sweat, for the simple reason that they have no sweat glands. So the whole phrase "sweating like a pig" is just base slander. Wonder how pigs feel about that. Perhaps they have some rude sayings about us. Not that they'd be off by much of a margin.
Let's consider for a moment.... Humans fought their way right to the top of the food chain... now that was a feat.... a large portion of them then turned vegetarian... developed an unshakable and often violent belief in the supernatural ... then went on to wage some of the bloodiest battles over ideology... then the novelty of killing each other wore off some and they decided ok why not do something else.... so we had these huge technological advances that had this unfortunate side effect of polluting (i.e. making absolutely unusable) the scarce resources on this planet. In retrospect, not such a bright idea, but no one's going to admit that. The latest example of Human Greatness will in all probability drive the entire globe into a decade long deflationary cycle, or a depression. History shows that in most times of economic upheaveal countries have waged war on each other. Hyperinflation was the magic wand that propelled Hitler to the position of power that ultimately culminated in World War II. The Human Race is basically like a herd of sheep. Apparently capable of functioning independent of the whole but actually following what the strongest in the herd do. We started out with tribes, went on to kingdoms, then on to countries, then there was the whole capitalism versus communism and democracy versus dictatorship. Remember when all and sundry was so convinced that the world was flat that anyone disagreeing was considered a witch and dealt with accordingly. Brilliant race aren't we? We created the Nuclear bomb without realising that it can kill the entire planet too.... News Flash... this race doesn't have anywhere else to go. Makes you wonder whether the dinasours ever tried stunts like this. Also makes me wonder whether we're actually at the top of the foodchain or whether the rest of the food chain's just biding its time.... laughing at the new kids on the block that are just convinced that they know better.... In the larger scheme of things cockroaches and alligators have been around much longer than we have. Think its possible that the cockroaches are gonna be having the last laugh? after all in the event of a nuclear holoucast the cockroaches will survive. not so with the humans.... which is kinda funny because after all that effort we'll basically be handing the first position on the food chain to the roaches. Ofcourse we wont' think of it that way. We will have honourable and strong reasons for doing that. Everything including creating and using weapons of mass destruction (whose after effects we are pretty much clueless about) are done withthe best and the strongest of reasons. We're just protecting our turf. Protecting our way of life.... be it American, Islamic, Hindu, Christian, Chinese or Russian.
I wonder when our priorities changed from improving our lot to assuaging our ego's. Let's look at our own news papers. A law on Gay rights, marriage and the act of homosexual intercourse gets far more air time and column space than farmer suicides or the troubles that 70% of our population is faced with. What Sanjay Dutt eats in prison after beind convicted for taking an endangered animal's life is more important that the difficulties faced by everyone who's not a celebrity.
Perhaps our time has come and gone... the Age of Kaliyug, Armageddon.... every religion speaks of it. And yet all we worry about is what the latest celebrities are wearing. Wearing the same pair of shoes is matter enough for a headline in a national paper.... Where exactly are our priorities?