Friday, March 21, 2008

The balance of life

One fine day while faffing around after college, a bunch of my friends and i decided that we needed to get a little intellectual. the result of that was two theories of life. the first was the Ice cream theory. it basically said that no matter how rotten your day ice cream would always make you feel better. then came my theory on the balance of life. it started out as a joke but after a bit i realised there was quite a bit of truth in it. just pass your day under review. your started bright and early and caught your train only to find that the cabbies were on strike and u ended up reaching the office breathless, grumpy and irritated. so much for a great start to the day. no matter what good happens something bad will counterbalance it. fortunately it works both ways and something bad is generally counterbalanced by something good. just goes to show.... a lot of us take physics for granted in school.... this stuff is rather usefull later on... it may take a little stretching of the old brain but surprisingly applicable none the less.
so the question now is... who's more dangerous, murphy or newton?